Welcome to St.Thomas College, Kozhencherry-689641.Established in 1953. Affiliated to MG University, Kottayam.


Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), established in the college during the year 2004-2005, as proposed by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC), is functioning effectively. IQAC has become an integral part of the institution’s system and works towards realising the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. Its prime task is to develop a system of conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the institution. During the post-accreditation period, IQAC channelised and processed the efforts of the institution towards its academic excellence.

Principal & Chairman:                                                 Prof. K.C. Zachariah
Co-ordinator:                                                               Dr. Asha Susan Jacob
Academic Auditor & Administrative Consultant:     Dr. M.O. Koshy
Academic Auditor & Administrative Consultant:     Dr. Alex Mathew
Curricular Aspects:                                       Dr. Saramma Varghese
Teaching Learning and Evaluation:             Mr. Suresh George Mathew
Research Innovations and Extension:        Dr. Jasy Thomas
Infrastructure and Learning Resources:    Dr. Jaya Jacob M.
Students Support and Progression:            Mr. Thomas Mathew
Governance Leadership &Management:    Mr. Shinu Koshy
Institutional Values and Best Practices:   Ms. Chinnu Mariam Chacko
Prof. Maj. M. G. Varghese                      Management Representative
Mr. Issac Abraham                                  Management Representative
Dr. Elizabeth Thomas                             Teaching Faculty
Dr. Mathew P. John                                 Teaching Faculty
Ms. Seeniamma C. Chennattucherry    Teaching Faculty
Dr. Lathakumary P.C.                              Teaching Faculty
Mr. Febu George Mathai K.                    Teaching Faculty
Dr. George K. Alex                                   Teaching Faculty
Mr. Abin John                                          Teaching Faculty
Mr. Benny Puthenparampil                     PTA
Mr. Ajith Thomas                                     UGC Planning Board
Mr. Philip Mammen                                 Alumni
Ms. Molly George                                    Library
Mr. C.T.Thomas                                       Administration
Mr. John Titus                                         Industry
Mr. George Muthoot                               Local Society
Mr. Robin Thomas                                  Student
Ms. Alisha Sali                                       Student
Department of English                          Ms. Annie George
Department of Malayalam                    Dr. Jaison Jose
Department of Hindi                              Dr. Jenu Mary Mathews
Department of Mathematics                Ms. Ann Susa Thomas
Department of Statistics                      Mr. Abin John
Department of Physics                         Dr. Praveen S.S.
Department of Chemistry                     Mr. Shinu Koshy
Department of Botany                          Dr. Leena Abraham
Department of Zoology                        Dr. Jinsu Varghese
Department of Economics                   Ms. Chinnu Mariam Chacko
Department of History & Politics        Dr. Martiz Kurian
Department of Commerce                   Ms. Bettymol Elizabeth Thampy
Department of Physical Education     Dr. Sindhu R.S.